Move Planning Meetings to be Combined with Tuesday Weekly Meetings

From here out the Move Planning Meetings will be Combined with the Tuesday Weekly Meeting Telecoms. The meeting will be at 7:30pm, as usual. This change is to try and get a list of to-do items out to everyone earlier before each weekend, and to free up Thursdays for active work in the space.

We will continue to have at least two members of leadership at the old hive to help sign up new members, so if you know someone who might like to join, send them in (with a mask) Tuesdays around 6:30pm for a tour.

We are now deep into the move work, and the pace is moving quickly! We are now ready for all the help we can get, whenever people are able to help. We will be posting a list of to-do tasks each week, and we request that all members chip in to help. This weekend we got a lot done, but we did not have quite large enough of a group show up to split up into the task teams we had been hoping to.

We are now ready to start moving things, but must have teams continue to work on the electrical buildout. The wood shop is the prime target for a team of movers, as it’s buildout is close enough to complete that it can be made functional shortly after moving all the machinery over to the new space. Shortly following that will be the machine tools and lasers.

We also need someone to volunteer to finish installing the shelf supports and plywood shelves for member storage so that people can start moving their member storage over to the new building.


Kevin M.
Hive13 Secretary