Mouser order

I'm ordering some stuff from mouser and as always with these $10ish
orders, am galled that the shipping is going to cost me almost as much
as the stuff.

Does anyone have anything they would like me to add to the order?
I'll hold off ordering until tonight or tomorrow (or even Monday if
someone asks me to) since I don't actually need these things until
after Christmas.

If you do, please create and share a project with all the items, that
way I can just say "order project" to add whatever you want to my

I'll pay shipping if you like. I have to order a few things still for
my company and I don't mind paying shipping. I'll be about ~$100 on
my own looks like so it's no worries. I'm going to be ordering in
next couple days when I have time.

That's very generous, thank you. It looks like mouser has a "share
cart" option, so I'll use that to send you the details.

We need some female headers, something like this: . However I am failing miserably at finding them on the Mouser website…

Here you go:

Hmm… oddly it looks like adafruit is cheaper even after shipping… ($15.43 for 20x 20 pin + shipping) / 20 = 0.77 each, even the 10 pin headers are over $1 each from mouser.

So you can skip out on the headers, I will probably just place an order from Adafruit soonish