Mouser order

I’m going to be ordering a bunch of stuff from mouser in a next few days. Anyone who would like to hop on and get some free (unless you are ordering lead bricks) shipping should send me the details of what they would like before Thursday morning.

If you want more than one type of thing, I’d appreciate it if you create a project and share it, so I can add it to my order with a single “order project” button click.

too late?

Not at all, I’m not planning on ordering until Thursday. Let me know what you need.

I’m probably not going to place the order tomorrow after all, so you still have another day or so to hop on.

On a totally unrelated note, how come my message doesn’t get titled “[CHP] Mouser order”? Am I sending to the wrong address, or does everyone just manually title their posts with [CHP]?

Your post is titled “[CHP] Mouser order” for everybody else. You just titled it “Mouser Order” so that’s what your email program shows you. The [CHP] is added on to the email subject when google groups sends out emails to everyone in the group.

And then it knows to not add that when it (and even strip it off) when it sends replies. That wacky google. Thanks!