Moto X compatibility with LTE band 12 - 700 MHz A-Block

Since T-Mobile just acquired from Verizon their 700 MHz A-Block spectrum and they announced that they will roll out its use by the end of 2014, does anyone know if this means users will need new phones to use this spectrum?

I’m considering buying a Moto X for T-Mobile.

"4G LTE bands

(GSM Unlocked model only) 700/AWS/1900MHz (B17/B4/B2)"

I’d just call up T-Mo’s customer service and ask, to be sure.

My wife has a Moto X on AT&T and likes it a lot, if that helps, haha.


Did the Moto X end up shipping with the Qualcomm 5 antenna chip everyone was talking about last year?

If so, it probably won’t matter which carrier ends up with which spectrum.

The Moto X wikipedia page in the Variants section shows a bunch of versions of the Moto X all showing different bands. I’ve found a few articles hinting that when the Moto X 2 comes out it would handle this for T-Mobile. I think I will call them.