MOSSCon 2013

Hey all,

KYOSS (Kentucky Open Source Society) and a bunch of other enthusiasts (mostly from LVL1 Hackerspace) are working on organizing the very first Free and Open Source Software Conference in Louisville, Kentucky (UofL’s Swain Student Activities Centre) on May 18-19.

We are open to any suggestions for topics and speakers from your side! This is not a formal academic conference, it is informal and everyone should feel free to attend and apply to give a speech. Please see the Call for speakers page for more information on submission guidelines and topics that we are focused on.

MOSSCon is a community driven conference; “By the people, for the people” as we like to say it. Right now the conference is in need of sponsors, but any other help still means a lot for our mission… If you know anyone who might be interested to help fund and/or help in general with the conference please let us know.
We are all working hard on making it happen and that depends on everyone’s active help and determination!

Thank you in advance for your time and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about MOSSCon.

Altin Ukshini

Can I get a bit more background on the types of talks you are looking for? I saw there is a request for Open Source HW speakers but to speak about what? A project they are working on, why open source is good (kind of preaching to the choir there) or something else? How is this conference different than the Open Source HW Summits, LinuxFest or OSCon?

Just looking for more clarity so I can know how I can hep.



The sessions are focused mostly on OS Software, but because of the openness MOSSCon provides we are open to OS HW as well :slight_smile:
A big project, any new innovative way of using OSHW, why OSHW is good etc. You can apply with any topic related to that and the organizers will review your submission!
You can submit more than one topic and you can also cooperate with another colleague/friend.

I emailed you guys in Cincinnati just to let you know about this conference in case someone wants to participate/speak/help.

MOSSCon is small this year and cannot be compared with OSCon or LinuxFest there in Ohio, we are organizing it for the first time here in Louisville and we want to enhance networking within the tech community in the region, by being used as a meeting point for a network of individuals and companies with the aim of sponsoring and initiating projects which benefit the people in the region.