moratorium on random donations to the electronics area

Hello electronics makers,

I want to let you know that I am placing a moratorium on random donations to the electronics area at the Hive. I am currently going through boxes and piles of stuff that kind members have deemed not suitable for their their own collection so maybe they should go to the Hive. The amount of miscellany is staggering and includes plumbing parts, antique components and connectors, spools of 1,000’s of resistors or diodes, 3’ lengths of wire neatly wound up, transformers removed from toasters, stepper motors from inkjet printers, floppy disk drives… you name it. If it has a wire hanging off of it it we probably had 2 1/2 (or 39) of them in the piles of crap in the electronics area. The tool trays on the bench were also loaded with duplicates of nearly everything including, no joke, at least 30 pens and pencils. There were half a dozen helping hands.

If you have items that you think the electronics area could benefit from having please send me an email or slack message with a description of the items and preferably also photos. I will let you know if we want the item. Be prepared that the response may very well be “no thank you”. If you bring items to the Hive, place them in your own storage space or on the up for grabs shelf, NOT IN THE ELECTRONICS AREA!!!, and let me know what/where they are and I will have a glance at them.

My goal is to purge a butt load of miscellaneous crap and make what we have easier to locate and use. You can relax, I am not intending to purge things of obvious value to the area such as electronics instruments and tools or well organized collections of common electronics components and accessories.

I am cross posting this between the mailing list and the #general and #electronics channels in the Hive’s Slack work space. This topic was also discussed in the is evening’s public meeting.

Thanks for you cooperation and for respecting this moratorium. And remember to always put your tongue on the red wire!

Dave Schwinn
Electronics Warden / Board Member 2019-2020

On the plus side, thanks to Dave’s work we have located 23 sharpies, 16 pens, 7 pencils, and 1 thing I’m not going to even discuss. The hive office supplies appreciates all the work.

Let’s discuss that 1 thing. You now have us all curious.

Daniel, we’re all adults here and I think it is critical that we be able to have a calm, frank discussion about Will’s nipple piercings.


Great, now my YouTube watch history is all jacked up . . . .