Monday 29th

Will anyone be down at the hive tomorrow by chance? I kind of need need some help with a graphic to be done on the laser and its been a lonnnnnggggg while since I have used it. I also didn't know if the welding tanks got filled and swapped around yet as I could load up my personal one tomorrow night or at the meeting. Have a good day everybody!

Kevin, I can head down there. Depending on the time, i may need a ride (we are down to 1car and sarah is working a job that doesnt have a set end time.)

Cool, I am still helping family with getting stuff packed up / gone through from my aunt passing away. I am thinking it will likely be between 3 to 6pm to arrive at the hive.

I doubt Sarah will be home by then. Feel free to message me privately to see if we can figure something out.