Momentary switch help

Does anybody happen to have an extra momentary switch from bread boarding that has a plastic button cap to it. I am fixing a garage door opener that the rubber molded button piece is destroyed and so is the switch lol. All i have is a few alliexpress momentary switches i got for the aurduino intro and it stits up in the opener case pretty deep and do not have any button tops. The taller the button top the better but i can make anything work. Thanks!

Maybe somewhere… There are probably a lot of printable ones on thingiverse too.

I have a few in my box of tricks. Is the attached roughly what you’re looking for?

  • Ry


There are some industrial ones from the donation from Shawn.
They are in a box above the electronics area labeled push buttons.


Picture for reference.


The ones I’m talking about are as big as the whole device.
Would look very steampunky. :stuck_out_tongue:

We could get an assortment for the electronics area.


Or perhaps hot-melt glue a small dowel onto the tip of the embedded circuit board switch to serve as a moving stand-off and give a fat finger a chance to operate the buried switch?