MIT's 6.002 course first run online starting today

Hey everyone,
Thought that it might be of interest to some of you to know that MIT is doing an online class similar to how Stanford did the AI class. The class is their 6.002 class which is the introduction to EE basically. It covers all of the basics of analog and digital circuits and then some.

Just a warning to anyone who wants to take this to learn more about electronics: this course looks really rough. Better be ready to put in quite a lot of effort! It covers numerous concepts in a 14 week time span going from the basics like KVL and KCL up to frequency response, impedance, etc.

The link to the class is

Best of luck to anyone who takes it on!

Oh, you also get a “diploma” for it which they will be charging for after this initial class (this is a test run for a new model they are trying). So you can get real credit for passing this class.