Missing items

Hey everyone,

A few larger items seem to have disappeared recently and I was wondering if anyone had insight:

Bin of extension cords
Imperial wrench set
Quick clamps


Hey Jon! I borrowed 4 clamps and a thing of wood glue and will bring it back today or tomorrow.

I think PTDR has some of the “bin of extension cords,” if not all of them. I will double check when we offload the truck in the morning.


If you borrow something, whether it is for a hive sanctioned event or not, you need to mail the list or the warden. Without the communication we can’t have tool sharing or borrowing.

On the same note, if a tool is broken, or under maintenance, it is a good idea to mail the list as well, even if you do not think it gets used all that much. That way people don’t come down expecting to use something, or spend time looking for things that have temporarily left the space.