Missing Bosch drill

A day or two ago one of our very nice Bosch drills went missing. I was waiting to see if it reappeared in case someone took it for the day, but that has not happened.

Does anyone know where it went? If someone has it they need to tell me as soon as they see it.

For future reference no one is allowed to take any tools home from the hive without permission from me. Even taking tools for a day is not allowed.


Julien had it and brought it back today.

Just a reminder to NOT take tools from the space. If you absolutely need something contact me via email, IRC, or phone.


Dave B asked that a tool borrowing policy be thought out rather than a strict no borrowing without permission policy. Since tool borrowing has a been a problem at the hive we (the leadership, myself, and anyone who wants input) will be working on a tool borrowing policy that makes sense and can be consistently applied.

In the meantime, please mail the list if you are borrowing ANY tool from the space that you will not be returning the same day. If you intend to borrow something and return it the same day but circumstances prevent you from doing so, it is your job to EMAIL the list so fellow members do not look for a tool you have.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

I'd like to borrow some long clamps to use at home for a couple days. I'm working on refinishing a coffee table that weighs a ton and would be difficult to transport to Hive13. I would also have to leave it there with the clamps on it until the wood glue dried taking up precious space and prevent others from using the clamps any way.

I am fine with that on a few conditions:

Don’t take every last clamp!
Leave a written note taped by where the clamps are so people who don’t always read the list know.

Make sure you bring them back within 2 to 3 days. :slight_smile: If you can’t give us a heads up.

Thanks for following our new rules Will!


Great. Those sound like completely reasonable conditions that should minimize confusion and inconvenience for everyone. Thank you.

Yep, sounds fine to me! Thanks for letting us know, and good luck with your project!

Elly, the clamps have been returned. They are hung where I found them. Thank you.

Thanks for the notice. Hope the project turned out!