Minor pipe leak in hive restroom.

We noticed a small leak in the pipe leading to the toilet in the hive restroom this evening. Someone left a small container under the leak, but it would have spilled over within a few hours.

It appears that the shutoff valve is over in Fronk’s apartment. Given that it was after midnight, Jon and I Red Greened up a drain tube and called it a night. Could whoever shows up first today knock on the door and ask Rob if he has a valve controlling the pipe protruding through over the stairwell? Once we’ve got the water off, we can probably make a part run and sort the problem out after today’s meeting.

In the meantime… the toilet still works, but be careful not to disturb the marvel of modern engineering snaking across the floor.

Just an update on this:
Ryan and mine wonderfully funnel → tube → kitchen sink is still in place, so please continue to be careful around it! We have successfully had almost zero water leak on to the floor due to catching this earlier and putting this in place.

I called and left Grant a message tonight after the meeting. If he doesn’t get back to me by ~7pm tomorrow I am going to go ahead and call one of the owners of the building I guess! (Two people are listed with their numbers near the electrical room) We’ll see what happens from here!

fail: funnel → tube → kitchen sink

mind === blown: funnel → tube → slip & slide hot tub

FYI it’s easy to handle these, even without a shut off.

1.) go to HD/lowes and buy a Shark Bite toilet shutoff valve. Shark bites just slide onto the pipe and hold (and like the frakkin dikkins they hold!).

2.) place towels on the ground to catch the water that’s gonna come flying out

3.) cut pipe with traditional pipe cutter

4.) slap on sharkbite and close it.

toilets use various different fittings to go up to the valve assembly, once the shut off is in place you can get the right kind by removing the old one and comparing it to what lowes/HD sells in person.

my 0.02 if they’re still not responsive to fix it, this is another route.

Doing this with pressurized water in the pipe will create a big mess.

exactly WHERE is the leak? is it the toilet, or the shutoff just below the tank? (make sure it’s not trickling down from the tank down the pipe to the elbow)

The current status of this is that the leak has been fixed! I am not certain exactly the details of how it was fixed, but here is how it went down as much as I know:

I was finally able to get a hold of Grant and he said he would call a plumber monday and have him come down to the space. I do not believe he did this. Ian then went ahead and called the plumbed listed as the building plumber who apparently came down on friday (after not showing up on thursday…) and must have fixed it. I do not know how the plumber was paid and if there is going to be any hassle with that, or if the plumber went straight to garden street to get paid.

Next up on hive improvement we’ll be dealing with the leaks in the roof!

Thanks to Ryan and Ian for solving this with me!