Mini Maker Faire

Is the mini maker fair in October affiliated with Make Magazine? If so, what is their level of involvement? thanks Nebbie

Yep, it is a licensed spin-off of the bigger maker faires. Have you got any interested/interesting circuit benders willing to show off their skills and creations? It is shaping up to be a grand first annual event.


I put in an application for a circuit bending table. We are calling it Circuitastrophe. We are inviting a few circuit benders from out of town. Its still in the early stages of planning, we’ll see. If anybody else is interested please let me know.

If you guys need any help from your friends over @hive13, lmk. components, circuit boards, test subjects, etc. I’ve always wanted to check out some of your events but never had schedules work out.


Weve been talking about having a circuit bending (audio hacking) night once per month. I’m not a member, but nebs is. We still need to talk about it and work out logistics.