Way back in the day before we had a fridge some people had offered a
mini-fridge. Since we acquired a working full size fridge for free
(thanks Craigslist!) we didn't have an immediate need for a
mini-fridge. However this has changed. At last nights meeting we
decided we need a mini-fridge to hold non-food items such as lead.

Does anybody have a mini-fridge that they could donate to the hive?



I just wanted to put my 2 cents in here as well. This is a definite
need, and soon, as the solder paste will be here before Christmas. It
has a shelf life, and will work outside of the fridge for a while, but
we really need something to refrigerate the paste outside of the
regular fridge to protect our investment in paste.

It's cold out right now, maybe we could just hide it under a rock
outside. </semi-troll>

Yeah I heard the EPA loves it when you store lead under rocks. :slight_smile:


The lead based paste you linked to says ‘6 month shelf life, no refrigeration’ - but it ships on ice? huh?

I’m checking on getting a full sized fridge from my sister, I should know by Sunday.


Also if anybody can pick up a mini-fridge off of Craigs list cheap
then I'll foot the bill for it. Else We can get one at Target for
like $50. I'm willing to pay for that but seems like a waste to use a
new fridge to store lead.


Maybe we could build one of these:

or buy one of these:

Granted, that might be not something we can do soon enough, but I'm
just throwing ideas out there.

Is lead-free solder paste safe to put in a food fridge?

Does anyone else have any non-food-safe projects requiring a fridge?


That little usb fridge looks pretty good. We could just buy a peltier and hack something together, but for $20 its hard to beat.

it's not mini but i just dropped off a fridge. it just so happens
that i got new (to me) fridge this weekend (missed arcade night
helping my grandmother-in-law move) and my father in law brought the
one that came with my house to the hive. the freezer smells a little
funny, but that shouldn't affect the taste of the solder paste too

i have it set up in the cancer room for now. it is still food safe if
someone decides that it's better than the one in the kitchen.

Excellent!! Thanks Chris!