Minecraft Server

Hey all. I’m interested in starting up a Hive13 minecraft server and I understand that few others have expressed interest as well.

My thoughts are just to start off with a vanilla server (1.8) with a publicly accessible port and go from there.

Ultimately, I am hoping to experiment with doing some mods. Perhaps something like controlling external hardware by changing blocks and switches inside the game (or whatever else anyone wants to try).

To start, we’d just need a public port, a server/VM and some space for backing up the world(s). Is anyone able to help with this?


Ryan A. (drschlock on irc)

Sorry, not gonna be much help with the setup. Though I can link you to a couple of optional semi-useful things you can do to a vanilla server using command blocks.

1.) Single player sleeping in a multi-player server as uploaded by Xisumavoid (one of my favorite Youtube MC pros.)
2.) Enderman Griefing prevention as uploaded by Xisumavoid (again).

These options are useful for the obvious reasons in 1.8+. Modded is presently limited to 1.7.10 and below, with 1.7.10 being the “preferred” version for myself at this time. I’ve been looking into potential mods for a modpack over the past year, and I think the best suggestion for a Hive13 modpack, should be “Mods by Members”, outside of the standard utility and UI mods. I know we have a member working on a variant of the Trail Mix mod.

Oh god, more trail mix.

Anyway, if putting up a 1.7.x server with mods, please please please install the Fastcraft mod as that makes 1.7.x bearable to play. (Or at least bearable for more players.) → http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=10820

Granted, if using mods, we may not want to have too many anyway, just so people with more modest computers can still join. Something akin to FTB Lite. Although, that’s probably just a restatement of part of Frictor’s suggestion.

Next question: How does one automatically back up the worlds without abusing disk space?

Rolling backups that keep track of only a few versions?