Hey guys,
I’m not sure if you remember Dan Listermann, who was at the hive back in July and August. He has a mill he wants to donate to the hive if we want it. Attached are pictures. Not sure about transportation, etc. If we don’t want it, perhaps another maker space will?



That’s a decent size mill. Do you have contact information on Dan to find out more information like condition, model number, weight, electric requirements, etc.?


If we can take a look at it that would be great. Maybe Jim D could also weigh in?

Tentatively I would say absolutely! Machines like these tend to be a bit nicer than the mill drill style that we have. If the DRO is working that is even better!

fwiw this is not CNC.

Do you know the best way we can contact him to ask questions? Through you, email, ?

This could be pretty awesome!


Its at Listermann brewing company. Says he thinks something is wrong with spindle thing, doesn’t hold tools well. Also, unsure if digital readout works or not.

Was mfg Nov 1988. Seiki-xl is on the side

Looks very interesting. Al the posts so far are asking all the right questions. Any serious spindle issue could be a deal killer but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth either.

If OK with others, I’ll follow-up with Dan and report back.


Absolutely fine with me.

Sounds good. Jim, I imagine you can stop by anytimw they are open to check it out