Mill spindle has arrived!

Just got the delivery of the replacement spindle today (that was way way less than 10 weeks).
I'll bring it down to the Hive Saturday afternoon and dig into the replacement instructions.
I think we may need to remove the belt pulley with heat. :flushed:

I've been digging through the existing end mills that we have and I think we have some useful ones.

Hopefully we can be back in business this weekend.




Would a gear puller work? I don’t think we have one at the Hive, but if someone reminds me Monday night I can bring my set down.

I can bring one.
Found some instructions on the web and most people have issues getting the stepped pulley off the spindle. (It is a taper press fit and has probably been in place for over 20 years :grinning:)
Thanks for the offer.
I’ll take it slow.