Mill online

I spent a few hours at the Hive this morning and installed an 8 AA battery holder that came with the correct barrel connector for the DRO.
Now the DRO doesn’t skip around when the mill is turned off and on. :slight_smile:
I would love to use some Velcro to stick the battery pack on the back of the DRO enclosure. Do we have any?
Still need to make an arm for the enclosure, maybe I can use the mill . . . . .

I also verified the X and Y scales and found the Y was off because the wrong CPI (Counts per Inch) was entered in the DRO. They should all be 2560 CPI.
Anyway, after fixing that, all three axis were within .001" over 3". Which is probably good enough for anything we are going to do.

Noticed a substantial vibration when the mill is run. I think the belts have some chunks missing so I would like to get two new ones. Some digging on the web revealed that people seem to like the link belts. I’ll look into that option.

I also duct taped around some of the window A/C units because there was a wicked draft coming in around them. Not the prettiest job but seemed to work.

Noticed the “other” CNC. Looks interesting, the wood frame seems rough but the drive and bracing for the spindle seems very well made. I’m guessing Coy is doing some repair/rebuilding on it. Is that going to be living at his house?

Thanks to whomever dug though all the books. It looks much less “flea market” now. :slight_smile:
Wonder if we could take them to Half Price Books?

Anyway, sorry I missed the Tuesday meeting, I had a work holiday event (free drinks).

I seem to remember something about not having a meeting this Tuesday because of the holidays. Is that right?

Stay safe (and have fun),



I placed what I believe is a nicer power supply on the mill a few days ago, btw. Could be worth a shot.

Link belts are nice and quiet, but they are crazy expensive (think $100-120 total for belts for the mill). I’ve looked in to them for other tools and decided to pass every time.

Coy is indeed trying to get the smaller CNC in to a good working state. It is probably going to live at his house, but I don’t know if that is 100%.

There will be a meeting next week, but not the week after that!

Have a good one,