Mill/Lathe class

I would like to check on interest to have another class session for the mill and metal lathe.
Typically it is a morning session on the mill (2 hours), break for lunch, then another 2 hour session on the lathe.
The cost is $10 for the mill class and $5 for the lathe class. You will get an endmill for the mill and a carbide insert for the lathe.

Please respond on this thread if you are interested and when would be a good day for the class.



I am interested. and Weekend evenings work best for me

Are you thinking here during Xmas break? Or in Jan?

Probably in January. I don’t think I could escape for a full day during the holiday. :slight_smile:

I could do just a Mill or Lathe class in Decemberr if a few people have a desire.

I could use a brief refresher on how to use the Hive’s mill and lathe. I still have the tools and materials from the last class.

Tim W.

I would be interested in both.

I’m interested in both

Definitely interested–Evenings during the week work best for me

I would be interested in a class on the lathe. Will the final date and time be posted on the workshop page of the website? Nights and weekends are best for me, too.
- Ashleigh

Brad - did you have a date in mind?

It will be a Saturday or Sunday. I need to solidify some family travel coming up so I’m thinking later in January or early February.
The standard routine is 10-12 for the mill, break for lunch and then 1-2 for the lathe.
This is a basic operation type of class. Don’t get hurt and don’t break the machine.
Once I get the date selected I’ll see if it works for most people.

I don’t mind doing 1:1 training if someone can’t make the classes. I just can’t do everyone 1:1. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK, I’ve settled on January 27th (Saturday).
Mill class from 10-12 and then the lathe class from 1-3.
I did eventbrite last time but I’m not sure if it is worth it as they charge us a fee and it will probably only be a few people. Here is a Google Sheet for signup.

I charge $10 for the mill class and $5 for the lathe class. The fee buys you an endmill and a lathe tooling insert.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you have already taken the class (Tim) and just want a refresher, there is no charge. Maybe there should be an extra charge . . . .