Mill & Lathe class

I think the classes went well today.
Same number of fingers as when we started.

Sorry everyone didn't get to have a chance on equipment. Just find me sometime and I'll walk you through 1:1.

I forgot to take an attendance sheet. So if you could respond with your name, we will add you as a certified user of the mill and/or the lathe.



Great class Brad, glad I went.

Put me down as J. Andrew More

Thanks again for the classes I enjoyed it. Put me down as Tim Wagner.

Mike Horne

Tim Gregg

David Blundell, lathe only

John Sikorski
I took both the lathe and the mill classes.

Yes Dave gave me $10 and John gave me $10 also (I think it was John).

Anyone who attended the mill class and didn’t get their own cool end mill please let me know.
I should get two more from Amazon on Monday.

Yes! It was me (or, more correctly, I)!
(Who gave the other $10.)

I'm waiting on the end mill. I should be at the meeting or whenever u see you next.


I ain't got no stink in' mill!


From the Western Spiral Arm

I’ve gotten one of the endmills, the other hopefully will arrive tomorrow.
I think Amazon was part of that internet hack, their shipping estimates have been way off the past week.
I’ll bring what I have to the meeting.

Brad -

when you have time - I’d like to train on the metal lathe. Nancy will attest - I was in no shape to be there for the class.