Mill and lathe classes proposal December 21st

I would like to give another Mill and Lathe class on the 21st. This would be for certification, wouldn’t have time to do the thread cutting part on the lathe.

Mill 10:00am -12:00pm
Lathe 1:00pm-3:00pm

Same info as the previous classes. (Safety stuff).
I haven’t seem the cheap carbide end mills recently so if we want to include one the price may go up to $25 for the mill class. I could get some cheap High Speed Steel end mills as an option to keep the costs down. I’ll do some digging around.

The lathe class could still be $5 and they would get one of the carbide inserts that I have.

I’m interested but I assume that you mean January 21st. It would also be helpful to talk briefly about good sources for bits, end mills and other consumables.

There will be the cnc class going on that day Brad - is that still fine? I imagine you could use the lounge projector if that is ok? I’ll get it up on eventbrite.

Brad I still have scrap stainless barrels if you would like for the class. Whatever keeps cost down for ya and they are 16"

I just pulled that day out of the air.

Why don’t we bump it a week to the 28th.



ok thank you. will reschedule on eventbright

eventbrite up to date. links below to reserve tickets.


Isn't there a 3D printer class on January 28th?

I would love to go to the Mill & Lathe class but I am already signed up for the G Code & Gigabot class on the same day.
I thought we were trying to avoid conflicts like this.
Please let me know how to resolve this.


Can someone who knows the schedule let me know when a free Saturday is?

sorry - i haven’t been updating the hive calendar. been putting them on eventbrite and facebook.

Brad, I agree. It sure would be nice if the classes and schedule were posted on the main web page. Right now the only things up there are historical. It would sure help everyone stay in the loop. It wouold also make the Hive look better.
I do understand this this is all volunteer effort and that we can’t get everything that we would like.

So let’s kill the January 28th class as a conflict.
The next week is Feb 4th. Is that open?
I’m at work so I can’t dig around too much.
I can look around tonight if needed.

Oops, thanks for the reminder. I have a half written script from several months ago that will do that automatically. I’ll dig that out and see if I can finish it off.

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