Mill and lathe certification


I’m finally getting around to updating/creating the user list for the mill and lathe.

Please respond to me if you feel that you should be on the list as an approved operator.
I see this as someone who has operated a similar machine in the past and could be certified with just a brief walk through of the Hive’s particular machine.

I will still want to spend a few minutes with each person to put them on the list so I’ll be in contact you about when a good time to schedule. I’m usually at the Tuesday night meetings, so after the meeting is probably the best.

I will send out a separate email about creating a training list to get certified on the mill or lathe if you are new to machining.

I also will be having another drill/tap class if people are interested, just let me know.

I’m thinking that some training on the metal band saw would also be nice. I like the micro classes that are only 1/2 hour rather than a longer more exhaustive class. Let me know the interest.