MIG Welder

They are purchasing a new MIG welder at work and I have been given
permission to take the old one. Before I take this from somebody who
may use it, I wanted to make sure this is an item the group desires.
One of the mechanics has volunteered to come down and give a class to
qualify people to use the welder. He suggested that a good teaching
class would involve building a steel welding table to aid in future
welding projects. it is a 220v single phase unit. Hopefully somebody
can show me where the electric panel is located so we can see whether
or not this would even be feasible. I do not have a lot of spare money
lying around, so my monetary input would be limited. Perhaps we could
start a fundraiser for the raw materials it would take to build the
table. The welder is maybe 5 years old at best, and has a spool gun. I
do not know a lot about welders, but this is an upgrade from a
standard MIG welder. It is a couple weeks before the new welder
arrives, so we have time to decide.

YES! We will figure out how to hook it up in the dirty room…


You know if it is a gas or flux core or if it can do both? This could
be a real score!

We may already have 220V in our space, but the setup and safety of it is unknown.

We really should have an actual electrician come take a look at the situation

We almost certainly have 220V, but there is absolutely no wiring running from it currently, it is just goes into a breaker box on the wall with no leads coming out of it.

That said MIG Welder = Hell Yes.

I vote yes too! Jim

I've done enough electrical work I can probably handle this. I'll try
to find a copy of the code to glance at to try to make things
techically kosher. I also know people who are licensed electricians.
-Dave B.

Agreed, I can look at the electric also. As far as updating it to
code, I do not believe this is necessary. As long as we hook it up "to
code" the wiring and all existing would be grandfathered in. More
importantly, we need to make sure it is safe. If there are any
concerns of the safety, those issues will certainly be addressed
before any work is done. I will verify this information with our
electricians today and get confirmation of this.

I have confirmed, as long as the wiring is existing, and the wiring
can support the amp draw we will need no changes. I would like to
check the breaker panel, perhaps tuesday to see what is there. I'm not
sure where its located so I will need someone to show me

circuit breakers / utility closet is the first door to the right after the second set of double doors out the back of the space.