MIG down...

While showing Andrew the MIG last night, I was careless and stuck the wire to the tip… I could only find replacement 0.023" tips and we’re running 0.035" wire currently. I’m going to try to make a trip to the welding store today or tomorrow as time allows and get more. Apologies for the inconvenience. If someone beats me to it, LMK and I’ll give you money.

I totally misread that comment! I was thinking a plane was shot down.


We had a Hornet infestation and the MIG got too close… Damn F18s

Hornets are junk compared to my beloved Viper!


Dave, by chance do you have any time off during the day coming up. We need to swap out the one welding tank that somehow contaminated when filled. I also was going to try and grab some Thin filler rods as well as some brazing rods for when I am able to get the class together coming up. I don’t have a truck to get my large tank down to swap the tank.

I have to work tomorrow (Friday) but it’s just a short clean-up kind of job. I don’t know when exactly I’ll be done, but I’d suspect 12-2pm. I have to be home by 4 to get kids.

I was planning on coming down to the hive and picking up shelves on Saturday when one of my buddies can help me.

Not sure how long / when / where / etc. you need?


MIG back up. I bought a pack of 10. The remaining nine are inside case by spool of wire.

Awesome Dave thank you.