Microcontroller Request

Does anyone have an ATiny85 (or 45) and programmer I could borrow? I'm working on a project for the upcoming event at the CAC and would like to build a prototype, but I'm too impatient to order and wait for parts.


We have a couple that should work. The Olimex OCD ICSD is in the plastic drawers under the solder bench. I found and moved all of our dev boards & programmers into the bottom 2 drawers. The Wiki has links to info.

Most AVR’s can be programmed via JTAG. Some can do serial programming via an FTDI…


You can also program Atiny with an Arduino. It writes very slowly, but does the job. http://www.instructables.com/id/Program-an-ATtiny-with-Arduino/


I realize it's not precisely what you're after, but if a 28 pin DIP package ATMega328P would work for you, I have a tube lying around gathering dust. These can simply be flashed in an Arduino Uno and then removed for inclusion in a project.

Micro Center also carries a few ATTiny based boards such as the Digispark. I have a few of those handy as well.

- Ry

I don’t remember which AVRs I have on hand.
Going to say:
ATTiny2313 SOIC
ATMega8 TQFP32
ATMega324 TQFP32
ATMega8515 TQFP32
ATMega8535 TQFP32

I rarely use any of the DIP package stuff so they’re not in my mental inventory, but I know I have some. I also have a ching-chong USB STK500 clone SPI programmer that works with AVRStudio 4.x you can borrow as long as I have it back in a week or two. You’ll have to swing out to my place (Anderson/Mt.Washington) if you want it as I’m not going to have time to visit the hive anytime soon.

Last time I checked, there was an Adafruit USB AVR programmer down at the hive, somewhere.


That programmer should be in the programmer / dev drawer as well.


Kick ass. Thanks a bunch Lorin, Dave and Ryan. Also, thanks for the offer of the bigger chips, but I need the smaller package of the ATtiny85 for this. I bought a bunch of these tiny little (cheap) breadboards for the CAC attendees to build this project on and I'd like to construct it exactly as they will be.

Lorin, when you said we have a couple that should work were you referring to the programmers or are there a couple ATtiny85's laying around the Hive?


We should have 2 compatible programmers.

Doing a Tristan Perich, eh? Sounds like fun.

Nice! I wish I would have heard of his 1-Bit Symphony when I first started looking for a simple, sound based project that a large group of novices could throw together in 2 hours. His circuit is elegant in it’s simplicity yet capable of making such beautiful music!

I actually stumbled on a project called a Luna Mod Looper that was based on another instrument, the Wicks Looper, designed by the same guy. Some kid made a version using an AVR chip instead of a PICAXE like the original. It uses relatively few parts, but has tons of possibilities for modification in the circuit and code.

My first thought was to go with the Atari Punk Console because of its simplicity, but the repetition of the Looper seemed more musical where the APC might just be seen as a noise maker by its builders. The Bleepdrum and its more DIY friendly copy the Buro Bleep Drum. Both of them are based on the Arduino Uno. They looked fun and I’m sure people would love them, but they required too many parts.