Microcontroller Monday

Are your meetings recorded? I missed it tonight but I’d like to check it out. I wanted to do the hangout but I wasn’t around a computer at the time.


Hi Justin!

Microcontroller Monday isn’t really a meeting so much as a “come down and learn how to use microcontrollers, get help with projects, and work on your own microcontroller projects”. We normally do a lot of one on one type stuff. As such we don’t record it or do hangouts.

Tomorrow night will be our general meeting night that will be up on Google hangouts although watching that probably isn’t the most interesting for the general public (we go over a lot of stuff like voting to buy stuff, running events, etc).

I highly suggest that you try to attend in person! Both the weekly Tuesday meetings and biweekly microcontroller Mondays are open to the public.


Thanks for the reply! I’ll try to make it down in 2 weeks. I can’t make Tuesday nights it’s our Cub Scout meeting night.