Microcontroller Monday

Hey all,

I’m Jon, and I’m new here. I just heard about the hive Saturday at the learn to solder table at Maker Faire. Anyhoo, I am interested in the microcontroller Monday event, but I won’t be able to get there until around 6:30 or 7:00. Will this be OK, or is it more of a show up on time event?


6:30 or 7 is absolutely fine. Ryan, the other host, only has a few arduinos so, if that is what you want to learn it is highly recommended you bring your own! Also try to bring a laptop to use for this event. Unless you are looking to learn something else or just ask questions/get help with a project!


Cool, thanks for the quick reply, I’ll bring my stuff!

Later in the evening is fine, and possibly better for a first visit to the hive since the Lighed Glass Block window display over our door makes the Hive much easier to find in the dark. :smiley: Just press the door buzzer when you arrive, and someone will come down to let you in. We’ll be around for several hours.

This is not a formal instructor-led course in any particular topic. Microcontroller Monday is simply a scheduled time for self-directed learning with a couple of friendly coaches available. I’ll be assisting those entirely new to Arduino with getting started. Jon intends to help with electronics questions and advanced microcontroller programming topics. Naturally, there will be some overlap.

As Jon mentioned earlier, attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops, Arduinos/microcontrollers, or breadboards if they already own such tools. We will have a few Arduino boards and computers available for use. I’ll also bring a small number of sensors, buttons, LED strips, and other various components from my personal toy box. There are many different Arduino boards, so beginners may wish to attend Microcontroller Monday at least once and ask advice before making purchase decisions.


I just impulse-buy’d a beaglebone black. I’ll bring it plus (hopefully) one of the ChibiOS powered CAN sniffers fully assembled next week. Hope you guys have fun tonight!

Oooooo fully assembled CAN sniffer? Oh yeah! Has it been tested yet?

Mouser order is inbound currently for the crystal oscillator I previously forgot to order. I’ll find 10 minutes to put it on there. I have a good feeling. :slight_smile:

Ryan, Jon, Ian, and the others whose name I can’t recall,

It was nice meeting you last night, Thanks for the tour. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it tonight. I just found out that I’m travelling to Alabama tomorrow morning, but i plan on coming back next Monday or Tuesday.