Microcontroller Monday tonight


I'm planning on being over at the hive tonight to do Arduino stuff.
If anyone wants to join me you are welcome and I can help out with
most of the basics.

If you have been considering working on Arduino stuff but you do not
have one I have two ideas:

1) If you let me know, I can let you borrow mine and I can do MakerBot
stuff intstead. [ MakerBot runs an Arduino derivative so it still
counts :). ]

2) I would like to set up an official "class" where there would be a
small fee and you would receive a basic Arduino starter kit. If you
are interested in something like this please let me know and I will
start some more serious planning. We'd have to establish a date and
then order some Arduino kits. We can probably get just the Arduinos
alone for around $20-$30 and if we get nice starter kits with
accessories they will probably be closer to $60.


If we are going to use a starter kit, we should put it together ourselves. It will be cheaper for us and we can tailor it to our own needs. maybe create a wiki page where we can start listing parts for our recommended Arduino starter kit.

At the very least I think a starter kit from us should have:

  • Arduino ~$30
  • USB Cable ~$2
  • Breadboard // jumpers ~$10
  • Starter CD:
    – Getting Started instructions
    – Arduino IDE
    – Drivers for windows and packages for linux.
    – Links to helpful sites and tutorials

Then we can just have a few drawers of common parts that we can dole out

i was looking at this kit:

I am interested in this.