Michael Jackson Tickets, Money for HIVE13

I thought of a good idea to make money, and if I wasn't going to be
out of town for the next month I would have organized this myself.

It is pretty simple, we enter the lottery for the tickets multiple

1. Setup a mail server, make a shitload of email addresses.
2. Make a little program that fills in the form automatically. (There
is no confirmation code)
3. Submit the form a shitload of times.
4. Sell the tickets on ebay, make some money.

Even if you guys don't get together and do this, many could do this on
their own. Hell if I had two days and didn't have to work I would be
able to do this on my own.

It would be a cool project for us to learn, socialize, and potentially
make money.

OH and btw, I'm in florida for a month thats why you haven't seen me