Micarta making at the Pound

Heya Guys.

Short notice, but thought we'd extend a invite to come play.
Wednesday, April 14, from 6-8 pm we'll be trying our hand at making
micarta at the koi pound.

You may have seen the make article:

We are kindred groups, and hope to become allies. So, you're all
welcome, and it's free.
and we'll be trying the article's technique. We have material enough
to share.

Denim-core fiberglass-like material could be very useful for molded
cases, and building housings for projects.
Strong, without silica needles in the lungs.

If you'd like to drop by, shoot me an email, and i'll reply with my
phone number so you can get in once onsite.

The KOI Pound is at 2008 Freeman Ave, 45202.
We're finally starting to get started on projects and classes.
Let me know if invites such as this are unwelcome, but we consider you
guys to be cousins in the maker spirit, so thought we'd extend a

--Nathan C

I’ll be there.

Seriously guys, if you haven’t been over to the KOI Pound space you should check it out. It’s very different from what we have here with an outdoor firepit that I have personally spent hours socializing around after working in the wood shop. Nate is also a fantastic woodworking/craftsmanship teacher, he’s articulate and “used to dealing with geeks.” It’s a really great crew, and you might just get to see some fire spinning or LED glow poi spinning when you’re there. I’m learning the whole spinning thing and I have some craaazy ideas for glow POI that cross back over to hive13 territory.

And about the location, yes - it’s the west end. Your car isn’t going to get broken in to when you’re here (typically this happens very late, and not when it’s obvious there’s a party going on inside.) and you need not worry about anything on your quick walk to our door.

We (pokes, nate, and myself) would love to see you.

I can’t speak for everyone but I think event notifications like these are great! I’m sure we can work on events/projecs together and I’m really looking forward to it.


no emails yet.

If you drop by, it's a brown door, with a stencil of a koi fish on
If no one answers a knock, walk around the ouside of the
building(right, as you face the door)
to our courtyard gate, and see if anyone is there to talk to.
all are welcome, again, free. :slight_smile:



(the door is pictured, pre-fish stencil)

I’m bummed I couldn’t make it. I expect photos to heighten the jealousy please.

Ditto. It sounded like a good time, but tonight was tax night, so that's what I've been working on all night.

Nothing like waiting till the last minute. >.<


Chris Davis wrote:

It went quite well, methinks.

we got a 20 layer block made, clamped and curing right now, as well as
an experimental 1 layer micarta shell over a cardboard box...
(potential project cases?)
we were also planning to do a twisted 'damascus" block, but the fumes
got to us after the box was made. we shall revisit.

it's very messy.
you'll use 5 times more resin than you'd expect.
well-ventilated is a requirement.
nitrile gloves work great to protect the hands.
normal soap and water can get fiberglass resin off skin if it's used
in the first 10 minutes of contact.

we plan to make more. if you guys would like to pick a wednesday, or
saturday eve to come out, we kinda know what we're doing now.:slight_smile:

let me know if interested.
i am told this stuff works well in CNC mills. must explore.
(i've been collecting old scanners for stepper motors. Hoping to build
a CNC mill.
Perhaps we could learn some things from you guys as well. )

I think the knife in that link is beautiful. This is pretty awesome stuff.