Method to Contact the Space

“method to contact the space to see if somebody is there to let you in”


  • Full-time Skype box w/ video setup in a corner and set to auto-answer.
  • Swipe-card to “sign in” to the space w/ web app to see who’s there. <---- I like this one
  • Telephone in the space. (too 20th century?)

Kris had mentioned having a VoIP phone system we could install. Anybody know of a good (and/or cheap) provider?

We definately want to put up some type of swipe or locking controls. It might not be right away tho. The swipe would work fine but we’ll still need a way to contact. I volunteer ChrisA to build a PBX with a room phone. :wink:

RFID cards :slight_smile: Oh I can dream…

FWIW, I know Asterisk…a bit.

SIP provider:


What about a 24/7 webcam? To start off I have at least one cheap one I could donate to the cause.

Could also be interesting too maybe use it to make time lapse video’s of space usage.

I’ve got 2 Axis 2100 linux-based webcams (with no power bricks - anybody?) in a box at home. I willingly donate them to the cause.

I have a power brick for an older Axis cam…might be the same type.

i am all about some pbx action.

if you want free incoming calls, ipkall will give you a free washinton state number that terminates to a sip URI, which you can also get for free from a number of places, like gizmo5.

there is something ironic about hive13’s phone number being 206.

i don’t know anything about locks, but what about a magnetic lock connected to a voip system? you dial the number, punch in your PIN and get buzzed in?

or a wiimote?

How about Magic Jack...for the phone thing. It is like 39.99 for a
year and works like any other voip phone. Pretty sure it is infinite
usage. You get a regular phone number, hooks into the usb port and
gives you a rj11 connection

We all have drivers licenses or state IDs or UC IDs or something with
a unique mag stripe on it. What about a mag stripe reader witha list
of known-ok strings that come off of it? I'm thinking PS/2 keyboard
mag card reader and a linux box + perl or bash script + parallel port
I/O to a circuit to retract the deadbolt/unlock the space. Why see if
someone is there to let you if you really don't need anybody to let
you in?

Making the assumption that some of us havent disabled the mag stripe.

What's wrong with prox cards?

you mean you guys don’t microwave all your ID’s to prevent tracking by “ze germans”?

Cost mainly. But for privacy/security geeks among us we know the vulns to prox cards…

Everything is hackable. There’s gotta be something out there that at least isn’t stupidly easily hackable.

Hell, we could just 2 factor it. Prox card/fob + individual PIN & a mag lock. Collect a deposit for the fob, if we need to disable access nuke the PIN.

Yeah, everything is hackable. Prox cards do not require physical access to hack and are easy to skim remotely. Just like wireless networks are much easier to hack than physical land lines. Not that i care if somebody gets their card skimmed…I don’t :wink: But the cost of a prox card is much higher than a mag stripe. Or better yet use Biometric…also hackable (much like a pickable lock) but very easy to manage and no need to screw with keys. They are not too expensive…just depends if you want the controller in the lock itself or controlled by a computer somewhere…

I get the feeling that discussing a method of securing the premises
amongst this particular group of people could be a very longggggggggg
discussion. It'll be fun though. You guys whack your magstrips? I

Why don't we hire a group of loyal mercenaries to guard the premises
with big guns and dogs? No need for locks, magstrips, or even
passwords, really...

And all it would cost is beer and chicken.