metal storage materials vote

Hey everyone,

After the meeting last night Kirk (metals area warden) approached me with a plan to provide storage for longer pieces of metal (kind of similar to what is now in the woodworking area) plus two new metal scrap bins.

It would provide ~six 6"x18"xheight of the dirty room slots for personal/hive storage, and two 24"x18"x6ft areas for smaller scrap like what is currently in the blue bucket in the dirty room, as well as the aluminum and steel scrap bins.

We went over it for a while and I am happy with the design. It isn’t in digital form as of now so it can’t easily be shared.

It would need a budget of $150 for the metal, casters, etc to build it all. We would like to vote on it next week to buy the steel for it. The deadline for the money should be about 2 months.