Metal lathe

Concerning the big metal lathe in the welding room…

The lathe belongs to my father in law, he has been letting the hive borrow it. Since nobody is really using it, he’s planning to take it home. If anyone thinks there is a good reason for it to stay please speak up!

He would like to load it into his truck tomorrow around 11am. It is not light. Would anyone be around to help move it?




Totally understand. I haven’t ever seen it used other than a place to put stuff.
I would like to get a lathe for the Hive, perhaps I’ll start digging on Craigslist.
The little one on the workbench might be a good place for people to start. I think people are intimidated a bit by the bigger tools.

I’d volunteer to help but I dislocated my shoulder and wouldn’t be much help.
If you need a door holder opener or someone to watch out for stray dogs I could probably come down.



The Hive thanks your father-in-law for locating his lathe in our space for this time period. It is a cool tool and a shame that member projects did not utilize it to its potential while we had it. Metal turning and milling is an acquired skill that takes an investment in time and resources (fixtures, tooling, and such). Using it safely/effectively is beyond the means and needs of many walk-up wannabes and the training bandwidth in a volunteer culture has its limits. Still, there is a right tool for every job, and such a lathe is a valued tool that we will want to consider to replace at the right time in the future.

Out of gratitude, I’d offer to help rig it out, but i’ve got church stuff going on this morning, and I suspect 11:00am Sunday is short notice and not a great time for other members too.

If you and he can still get it out at 11:00 great, go for it. If you are a bit more flexible on time and really want massive manly help, schedule the move for before or after a Tuesday night meeting, or on a Saturday early afternoon, and you’ll likely get more available help.



I thought the lathe needed repairs or parts and that it was not operational (someone had been working on getting it functional)

Someone or the hive bought the nice quick change tool for it but we never got around to putting it on. I think I last saw it on the bottom shelf

My dad offered to put it on several months ago and Jon Neal said not to. It was working fine then.

Yeah I have used it quite a bit and will be missed but thank you for letting the use it!!! It’s off slightly on runout but for what I was doing it was fine.

He will wait on picking it up for a later date, when we can give more warning.

My understanding was hive is looking for a newer/friendlier lathe…but if this one gets more use he’d probably leave it at hive.


I would definitely appreciate if you could leave it at the house until we get the next one, I have to do some adapters in the way for my power tool Racing stuff to get ready for San Francisco and the other make repairs