Metal Lathe - Free to take

Hello all (this message is going simultaneously to multiple groups),

At Hive13 we have a metal lathe that we no longer want to keep around. We would like for it to find a good home.

It is not currently working. All of the parts that we have seem to be in decent condition but it is missing a few main components. First, it has no drive mechanism right now. That is to say it just has a belt that can be attached to some motor to drive it. Also it has no chuck to hold the work piece. And it has no cutting bit.

With some dedication, this could be made into a really nice machine, but no one at Hive13 currently has the time and motivation to work on it.

It was purchased for around $100 on craigslist by one of our members and I’m sure he’d like to be able to recover some of that, but we are not asking for any money. We just want to reclaim the space that it’s taking up and see it put to good use.

Let me know if you know of anyone with any interest in taking it off our hands.



I need to confirm with the rest of the KOI Burners crew, but I think we might be interested in this.

Thurman Wenzl

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