Metal lathe arrival reminder

Just a reminder that we will be bringing the metal lathe down to the hive tomorrow evening at 5 (Saturday the 28). We could really use people to help move it into the hive.


Also, mike and I are tentatively scheduled to give a brewing demonstration tomorrow morning at 10 at Listermanns during their starkbeirfest. If it is pouring though we will likely skip it. Feel free to stop by if it is not.

sat 29th :slight_smile: Today is 28th. I’ll be there if I get done with work in time but I wouldn’t count on it.

oops. sorry. typo! thanks for the clarification Dave.

Also, I checked the forecast and it is calling for steady rain tomorrow morning. so I am not brewing. it is not worth getting sick over.

hope to see people at the hive tomorrow evening at 5!

If you need an engine hoist or anything of that nature lmk and I can bring one down, even if I can’t be there at 5.

my dad is bringing one but it might be nice to have another one there. thanks dave

OK dave - there wasn’t enough room for the engine hoist in my dads truck so if you can bring yours by that would be amazing!!

I will be there in just a bit to finish making room for the lathe and to help out. Not sure who else is showing, but we need all of the help we can get!

I’m at the HIVE now and Jordan (like the river) and Jim (the other) are here too. Is it still on even with the current weather?


Still on!! We r running a few min behind so it might be closer to 530 - sorry!