Metal Lathe 101 after the Tuesday Feb. 9 business meeting

Fellow HIVERS,

Come see and learn simple metal turning operations on the shoebox-size
hobbyist Sherline 4000 lathe I'll setup
after the business meeting to do a quick show-and-tell to show the
kit, review vocabulary terms, and do some OD (outside diameter), ID
(inside diameter) turning, facing, drilling, and boring operations on
that lathe. Note 'boring' is a technical term for making a precision
hole and not just a comment on the instructor's lack of presentation


I look forward to it Jim. I don’t know if you noticed my update on the wiki, but I picked up that monster lathe we discussed at the last meeting:

We just have to finish assembling it and get a motor to drive it. I was told that all the other parts are there so hopefully we won’t have to fabricate anything.

See you Tuesday!