Metal bandsaw

I spent a few (many) minutes cleaning up the metal bandsaw and adjusting the guides. Now it actually cuts square to the guide and the shutoff seems to be working.
I placed a spare blade on the warden spreadsheet.
Feel free to use the saw but please don’t muck it up. If you use it, clean it up.
Keep in mind that it is very top heavy and if you move it around it can crash down to the ground and damage the motor. (speaking from experience).


A small amount of brake cleaner spray, the non chlorine type would go great with cleaning then lubbing the right parts every so often as well. As most of you know brake cleaner evaps very fast, fumes are not bad like carb cleaner and yeah. I didn’t know if it is something especially with the lathe coming go give it a good cleaning without chemicals that rust or corrode the metals. A lot of guys tried to sell all water based stuff or basically parts clean or solution in s can that stunk and were very ineffective. I never got the green light for welding a sturdy base for the band saw to move on however am 100 percent willing after San Francisco if presented a design it has to be or go by my good judgment lol. Of course it would was a catch bucket for cut chips so the floor is not littered with grit.

Yes let’s create a better base for the metal band saw.
I’ll try to draw something up.

Whatever you draw would be awesome I drew I few ideas a ways back and basically had it drawn up out of the square stock with an cable attached wrench for adjustments, faster tool holder to open the case, sheet metal catch for the chips to go into a bucket for keeping the floor oil and metal chip free, and an upgrade to better wheels for movement. Those are mainly the things I put into the design lol but even if you want to add a coolant system to fush and lube I have made 5 gallon bucket ones with a filter and pump for really cheap and reliable with varible flow. Whatever you want I’ll weld up after San Francisco.

Only suggestion I have is put it on locking casters. I did this for the one I used to have. Made a big difference.

Honestly, a short tern solution that really helps with these is simply fastening it down to a piece of strong plywood. It adds a lot of rigitity to those lame sheet metal legs. Throw 4 casters on, and you’re done in 20 minutes. I’d love to go nuclear on it, as Kevin suggests, but if we need a solution till then, it’ll work.


Great idea.
I’ll research some locking casters.
Do we have any extra plywood?
I’m thinking 5’ x 4’ range.

Plywood would be great for the time being. Lol the whole reason to go full nuclear on it is my personal vendetta with the machine and mostly when moving it back into position lol and the sheet metal is as limo as a…lol not hive appropriate. That thing sways around like a kite in the wind with the sheet metal legs. At any point and time though we would like to move to a larger scale even with coolant just let me know and we could have a brain storm day for what we want to do for future use.

Maybe we should also just throw better metal saw(s) on the wish list. The HF saw is frankly amazing for the price, but I’m afraid that all of that work might be like adding a nitrous booster to a ford pinto. Restoring an old used Clausing Kalamazoo or the like from an auction or out-of-business sale would probably be time and money better spent.

I’d say, strengthen the base, make sure we have lots of blades, grease, gears and bearings are in shape, etc. It’ll serve us for a while to come.

Plus, Kevin, you’re going to need time to work on bionic fingers this summer…


Found some locking casters on Amazon:

Schioppa L12 Series, GLEEF 312 UPE G, 3 x 1-1/4" Swivel Caster with Total Lock Brake, Non-Marking Polyurethane Precision Ball Bearing Wheel, 175 lbs, 3/8" Diameter x 1-1/2" Length Threaded Stem



Caster Classics® 2-inch Locking Low Profile HD Rubber Wheel Plate Casters - 4-Pack

by Caster Classics


Looks like about $40 for a set of 4.

I’ll do some digging on a “better” bandsaw for the wishlist. I don’t think we need big capacity but a more industrial version would be very nice.


Thanks for cleaning up the saw. I’m at the hive now and it looks really good.