Meshnets, digital democracy and the Occupation movement

Hi Coulter,

Not sure why it didn’t let you post to the mailing list. Ensure you are signing up here: It can take a day for approval sometimes when you first apply.

I’m forwarding the email to the mailing list so all can see it. I know we have had several discussions on p2p meshnets and things like the freedombox. While this email is being forwarded I suggest signing up to the mailing list. This way you can continue the discussion on there. If you have any further problems singing up, let me know!


Count me in.
-Dave B.

I’m definitely interested in both the mesh/darknets and digital democracy stuff too. I have one router I can bring to the table that should be able to run dd-wrt so we can experiment. I know a few people have mentioned interest in getting DreamPlugs or similar devices. Maybe we can order a few of those to play with.

Coulter, I’ll try to come to an Occupy GA if I can and introdue myself. You’re always welcome to stop by the Hive on any Tuesday night when we have our open meeting night.


I'll be in DC this week but I'll stop by the next time you have open
shop. Or if anyone would like to meet at Roxx, I live a block away.