Mentorship Program

Hello folks! It is I, Jackson! I greet you now as the newly minted Mentor Monarch! I am debuting our mentorship program- here’s the basics: Existing members (joined more than 6mo ago) can fill out this form to become a mentor. New members (joined less than 6mo ago) can fill out this form to be joined with an existing mentor. All your questions should be answered here. The basics is that I’ll try my best to match each new member with a mentor that has similar interests and availability. There is no set schedule or responsibilities for a mentor, just suggestions! Basically the mentor is just supposed to be a point of contact for the new person to ask questions and to connect them to other members. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions, concerns, or corny jokes.

Jackson- Night Fairy, Mentor Monarch, Rabbit Dad

@jax on slack