Mendelson's Trip - Saturday 8/20/2010


  • Mendelson’s Trip this Saturday
  • Meet at Hive13 @ 9:30 am
  • Depart Hive13 @ 10:00 am

Mendelson’s is a surplus liquidation company based in Dayton. They have an incredibly wide selection of the esoteric and mundane. Most of what they have is post-production surplus and parts. So while you might not find many raw materials, they have a lot of interesting parts and components.

Their prices for fully assembled items (Like lockers, filing cabinets, working tools) is a bit steep, however their prices for assorted parts (Blowers, electrical components, bearings, wheels, whatsits, and doodads) can be pretty good.

In any case we currently need a strong exhaust fan for the laser cutter, and I would like to go up to browse for some project components.

If anyone would like to go, we can meet at Hive13 at 9:30 am with the plan to leave there by 10:00 am.

Also, is there any interest to make an attempt to visit Dayton Diode's
space while we are downtown?

You bastards! While I’m on vacation you do the mendelson’s trip. Booo!!!

BTW, I might be able to get us a HVAC blower for free/cheap, but it wouldn’t be till after I get back. I have a bunch of friends who do HVAC work and I could probably get a used pull for next to nothing. If you don’t find anything you like for the right price @Mendelsons, email me/the list and I’ll make a call or two.

Yeah, Mendelson’s can be really hit or miss w/ the price of items, if we don’t find what we are looking for at at decent price we will let you know.