Mendelson Pilgrimage Discussion

It was suggested we start a separate thread for discussion of when we could make a group trip up to mendelson. I do not know much about the place but I figured I might as well get this started.

So what dates // times are good for people?

Is Mendelson farther than Frys in Indy?

Mendelson Hours:
8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday

To Mendelson from the space - Travel Time: 55 minutes
Linky to google maps

To Fry’s Indianapolis from the space - Travel Time: 1 Hour 51 minutes
Linky to google maps

I would suggest we go on a Saturday to Mendelson, and do Fry’s sometime in the future.

Link to mendelson website:

I am definately in for this. I’m not able this weekend but I think that either the 22nd or the 29th would be good. The 15th is out due to networking party stuff.

IMHO Fry’s doesn’t hold a candle to Mendlesons. I can prove it in one question;

Does Fry’s have a tube room?
answer: no.

Winnar = Mendelsons.


29th is the major party, I say the 22nd sounds like the best bet so far.

The 22nd would allow us to pick up some more stuff for the Hive before the party as well.

So, Any objections to an August 22nd trip to mendelson? Which brings us to the question of, “Who is driving?” and “What time do you want to meet up?”

Second. I’m thinking we should do an USAF museum trip in the fall.

Down for the 22nd. Should be a blast.


I believe I'm free that day. The P2 box truck and I should be
available to make the run. Might need a couple bucks for gas money,
we'll see how the company's doing by then. Speaking of which, anyone
want to buy a box truck? heheheh


i’m down for teh 22nd.

Box Truck = Fully Kitted Out War Driving Van. Oh the trouble we could get into.

imagine the trouble one could get into with a box truck full of warfliers:

robositx wifi pack for tiny wifi computer (to scan and log):

arduino based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle controller:

mounted on
zagi flying wing with brushless motor:

with 6 of them, we could wifi heat map all of cinci metro in a handful of weekends :slight_smile:

When do we start?

Sounds as though we've become the nerdy spinoff of the A-Team. Wait,
didn't they already do that with Riptide? heheh


Once you have a start date I think we should add it to our events Calendar.

i get to be BA barakus!!

How's this for a plan:

(Times open to negotiation)

1) Meet at the Hive and get in cars, leave by T1 at the latest, drive north.

2) Meet somewhere in the northern region along I-75, like IKEA, and
pick up more hackers. Leave this location by T2 at the latest.

3) Drive to Mendelson's with goal of meeting there by T3.


T1 = 11:00am
T2 = 12:00pm
T3 = 1:00pm

The middle stop isn't absolutely necessary, but might save some people
some time.


Sounds fine by me

Side note: II would say people have until Noon wednesday to object, present alternate times, if nobody objects, then on Wednesday I will make a blog posting on and Craig can add it to the calendar.

I get to be “Howling Mad” Murdock then. I would recommend earlier times.


Trust me on this you are going to want the time.


Works for me, any objections to the change?