My name is Tim Nguyen and I was at this week’s tuesday meeting. I am a currently inactive member and would like to rejoin and I emailed out to, but didn’t receive a response. Who do I talk to or pay to reinstate my membership? My paperwork from 2011 should be there as far as I understand when talking to a couple of the hive members.

Hi! Are you the person interested in costuming? I meant to say hi and talk to you but got pulled awayj on other things.


Hello again. I talked around and I believe if you haven’t been a member for awhile you have to reapply. I can help you with the forms and procedure, just shoot me an email and we can work on it, OK?

Sorry for not responding on the Membership@hive email. It usually takes a day or two for someone to respond.

As far as reapplying, that’s correct! Thanks for taking care of that Dustin! :slight_smile:

No problem haha. There was a lot of people, but yeah. I was the cosplayer.