Membership Reactivation

I was a member of Hive13 for the better part of 2018. I had to step back a bit in 2019 (moved to a new part of town, juggling new financial stuff), but with 2019 over, and being back on my feet and much more comfortable, I’d like to reactivate my membership.

I’ve logged into intweb and submitted a new application, and plan on bringing down my signed application soon.

What else do I need to do?



Hello Heath,
Thanks for the application information. You should be able to sign into and go to the make a payment link. There you can sign up for a full member subscription. Once your payment goes through your membership is reinstated.

Your old badge number is still assigned in the Hive13 records, it should go live when you make your payment. If you still can the badge it should work. I recommend you come in for a reorientation tour on Saturday during the hack the hive13 intweb from 1 to 4 pm or Tuesday evening. There have been improvements since 2018.


Just submitted the payment via Paypal.

It’s now in my calendar to be there on Saturday! See you then! Thanks so much!