Membership Contact Info & Project Recruitment

Quick Question:

  • The member directory that Jim was photographing for… Where is that and does it list email addresses? It’s not here: <this is likely intentionally private, please use the reply privately to author option>

With this info I’d like to reach out to a few of you whom I know have technical backgrounds suitable to my project proposal. As a stepping stone to building a refined version of my interactive light project for sale as high art, I’m working on a grant application to build these for the public library as art and educational installations.

I’m looking for one Electrical Engineer and one Software Developer, this work will be supported by stipends written into the grant application and royalties as the work grows beyond the grant and into salable art. Please respond privately if you’d like to know more!

Here is the People’s Liberty Grant in question:

Thanks all! See you tomorrow :slight_smile: