Membership and 3D Printer Usage

Good day,

I am a student at UC and a Graduate of Cincinnati State, and have been using the Cincinnati public library for 3D printing jobs. However, I have important print jobs now that are requiring more than the two hour reservation period that is available at the library.

What do i need to do to apply for membership and gain access to the fab-lab’s 3D printers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Ryan Sharp
(513) 356-4720

Hi Ryan.

The he application workflow is covered under the “Join” section of our website, at

As we are a community first and workshop second, the first step is simply to show up and meet some of the current members. We’re open to the public on Tuesday nights, and are generally happy to give tours at other times. The space is relatively active.

You can see if the space is open via the internal cameras on our “Spy” page, or use this mailing list to coordinate a time.

I hope to see you around the space.

  • Ry

If your jobs are URGENT then you will be better off asking someone to do them for you. As Ryan said it’s not a speedy process.


We’d love it if you joined at some point. Getting 3D printing going with a couple printers and less downtime will be happening soon (currently I am finishing repairs on one of the hive printers {ultimaker 2}).

You can contact me off list if you’d like to arrange to print something on one of my personal printers, which are well calibrated. I’m never averse to bringing down my more portable printer to hive to help people out. If it’s down to the wire I may be able to print it out at home and bring it in as well.