Member Vote on the Bylaws

Hello everyone,
At this weeks Tuesday meeting we discussed when the member vote for our recent bylaw amendments will occur. The vote will occur on Tuesday, November 27th.

One major detail though; we need 50% member quorum to pass our revisions! If we do not have this then we can not pass them.

If you can not attend the meetings and would to vote by proxy then please send me an email (note: you must be either a student, full, or cornerstone member to cast votes)! I will provide the bylaw with hi lighted revisions on the Friday before the revisions to all proxy voters along with a voting page. The deadline for voting will be the following Tuesday meeting when the in person votes will occur.

Please attend the meeting or if you can not do that vote by proxy. We must have at least 50% of our members vote to pass the bylaws for us to apply them.

Thank you,