Member storage upgrade

As a reminder, the next phase of the member storage upgrade will be commencing on the next second Saturday cleanup (2nd weekend of November).

Please have your lockers cleared out by the 31st of October. Anything left will be moved to the newly emptied unlabeled shelves on the new pallet racks. Where it will sit until November 30, and then moved to purgatory.

Anything remaining on the unlabeled shelves will be moved to purgatory. Also, please make sure your items on the new pallet racks are in a member box (it’d be nice if it looked neat and tidy).

If you have things in lockers but are unable to get to the hive before the 31st, let me know and we can move them to a specific area on the pallet racks and label it with your name.


Tiffany, if you get a minute and could call me I would appreciate it. I just had some questions regarding the storage stuff. Thank you :slight_smile:

Which lockers are being cleared?

If they’re the smaller/cube style, there’s no conceivable way that I will be back in Cincy until mid November at the earliest, but, realistically late January.