Member Storage Spaces at New Building - Now Accepting Storage Space Requests

Dear wonderful Hive13 members,

While we are not quite ready to start moving shops over to the new Hive13 space, we are close enough that it is well worth thinking about! It’s highly likely that we will begin moving the woodworking shop over in the next 2 weeks!

In preparation for that, we (led mainly by Jeff and Jill) have managed to get the new member storage area (mostly) set up and are ready to start assigning storage spaces!

the spaces in the new building are slightly larger than the old spaces, they are each 16" wide, 16" tall, and 48" deep. Shelves A, B, C, and D each have 24 spaces in them, and E, F, G, and H each have 12 spaces, for a total of 144 spaces. The spaces are labeled with A and E being the lowest shelves, letters increasing upward so that D and H are the top shelves, and the numbers are with 1 nearest the front of the building moving higher toward the west/back of the building. you can see where they are located on the floor plan here:

For now, we will be reserving the top shelves (D and H) for Hive13 storage, till all lower shelves have been assigned. This means that all of the assigned spaces should be within the reach of most members, unlike our old shelves which required a ladder for half the spaces.

There will also be a limit of one member storage space per member going forward (we have been working hard to grow membership, and we don’t want to run out of spaces like we had in the current space).

If you would like to request a member storage space in the new building, you now may! We will be assigning the spaces on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a preference for what shelf you would like to be on (top, middle bottom), please include it in your storage request.

The instructions for submitting a request are as follows:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Scroll down to the “My Storage Slots” panel and click “Request a new spot”

Auto Generated Inline Image 2.png

  1. Select “Member Storage Slot” from the drop-down menu, and type in a message saying that you want a space in the new building, and if you have a shelf preference, let me know. Then, click “Submit Request” and I will assign you a space.
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Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Secretary

Thanks for working on this, it looks great.

I was looking at the floorplan and I could not find the benchtop mill (Enco RF30). Does that have a home?


Auto Generated Inline Image 2.png

Auto Generated Inline Image 3.png

There had been discussion of the Enco Mill leaving, but there is space for it in the new machine shop if we decide it’s not redundant to Jim’s mill.

I would push that and Enco mill is still relevant for someone that doesn’t want to fire up the big mill. The big mill will require a higher level of training and confidence to run.

Also, since the big mill doesn’t have DRO I think the baby mill still is useful.

It could be treated like More of a nice drill press.

Plus, the Enco DRO calculates and allows the positioning of a multiple hole bolt pattern.
That is something that the larger mill does not support.

I would oppose removing the Enco mill.

This is the wrong thread for this discussion


It is.

Will there be a vertical storage section for sheet goods?

Yes, There will be vertical sheet good storage, as well as vertical lumber/metal storage for long narrow stuff. However, it is not ready yet. Todd has volunteered to build the Vertical Long Storage, we still need someone to lead the vertical sheet goods storage build (the goal would be something more robust than the wire separations we have at the old space).


If you still need a storage space at the new building, please follow the instructions I posted at the beginning of this thread. If for some reason that isn't working for you, or you submitted a request but didn't get a message with your assignment, please email

Trying to login to the site and getting a prompt for an MFA code, but no text/email rec’d and no authenticator app was designated. A little help on that part please?

We will be coming to get our stored items to move over to the new place, we’ve been out of touch for a bit. We did send an email asking for a slot.

Do we have vehicle storage available at the new building?

There is parking space in the building. I believe it is $50 per month for building tenants only. It’s intended for daily drivers. It’s a separate deal from Hive13 membership.

Ahh that was supposed yup be vertical. Swype error

We do not have vertical storage available, and it likely will not be for a few weeks. If at all possible, we are asking for people to take their vertical storage home. for those who that absolutely is not possible, we are working on making temporary vertical storage available, but it will be very limited.

Just to throw this out there, I have space I can offer for temporary storage of large material. If anyone is unable to store their larger materials and would be comfortable with that temporary solution, please let me know. You can text or call me at 318-286-3019 if that is something that you would like to discuss.

I’m putting new tires on my truck today after that I’ll be able to get my sheet goods loaded and out.