Member mis-storage

This stuff that WAS in member storage space C-22. It got a yellow “Illegally Parked” ticket over a month ago. The space was actually assigned last night. So I thought it was time for this stuff to go.
It’s now in purgatory with another 14 days before it’s officially up for grabs.
It all seems to be wood lathe related.
Please, if it is yours either claim it or let us know.
If you don’t currently have an official member storage space, all you have to do is ask and we’ll assign you one.
We don’t want to just disregard people’s stuff.
PLEASE EVERYONE, put your name on stuff that is not in a space that you are SURE is officially designated as yours.




Hi John,

If nobody claims it - can I have that router chisel?


  • Todd

I’d recommend the Lathe tools go to improve the Wood Lathe Set.

I forget his name, but I am pretty sure that stuff belongs to our member who regularly uses the lathe to make small turned boxes. he is a cabinet maker by trade, comes in primarily to use the lathe.