meeting tonite, august 3rd, 2010

good news everyone,

we are meeting tonite at the usual place and time. I have some family
stuff tonight so i will not be there, so if someone could run things
in my stead that would be much appreciated.

as far as i can tell, the two major items for discussion are the
progress of the time warner install and the progress of the steering
committee. if there are other issues, please let me know.

for my updates: we have a file server up and it's running ssh and
samba. it's name is hivestor and you can access it using the usual
username and password for common machines at the hive. if you are
using windows or linux, the server is at \\hivestor\data. my next
step is to set up NFS so that linux machines can mount shares from it
that way in addition to SMBmount. i have a video source set up on the
xbox so we can stream video from the file server in addition to FTPing
stuff to the xbox. i have a similar setup at home that i have been
using for years. there is a 1.8tb stripe mounted on /data. you can
mount shares via SMB in windows and linux at \\hivestor\data. there
is almost no user level security on the share, so just about anyone
can add/read/remove stuff, so don't put "private" materials there
without encrypting them first. right now there is also no redundancy
or backup mechanism either, and i am researching a solution for that.

also, since it's accessible to the outside, it's running fail2ban, so
be careful about goofing user names and passwords since too many
failed attempts will get your IP blacklisted.

Hey Chris,

I would like to make a suggestion of trying to put some of our Network/server info into This way we could include things such as generic account information and have it restricted to only member access. Giving us collaboration like a wiki but a bit more access control so we can post more specifics.



sounds good to me.

Is it cool to move the hivestor machine / shutdown / restart it? Will
everything come back up properly? I'd like to put it over by the
other servers in the rack area instead of on the work table by the

Also, another item for people to know about on the agenda tonight is
coordinating the details of a visit andclass by Mitch Altman in two
weeks from now. (Aug 17-18)


What is the status of the Time Warner install? Has the order been
placed? Do we need to arrange to have someone there on a certain day?


Hello?!? So where are we with the Time Warner installation? Can someone confirm that it’s been ordered and we are waiting for installation? How can we find out our installation date? Who owns this?



I’ve got it. I’ll follow up with my conact.